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Steve " The Alien" Butterfield

Meet Alien

“Hi, I’m Alien. My real name is Steve Butterfield.
I’m 66 years old. I started pin-striping and lettering race cars when I was twelve. I did t-shirts for my friends — all the old Ed Roth ‘Rat Fink’ stuff, who was and still is a big inspiration — with markers. I graduated high school in 1971 and went into the United States Navy in 1972 as a Radar Radio Operations Specialist. I got my first tattoo on September 16, 1972.

Then I started learning how to tattoo in San Diego, California in 1972, thanks to the help of great people like Doc Webb, Lyle Tuttle, Ed Hardy, and Don Nolan, among others. I started tattooing October 4th, 1980 in the town of Canton, South Dakota. From there I went to Minneapolis and worked at Tattooing by Yurkew from 1991 to 1995, opened Alien’s Images N Skin in Owatanna, Minnesota in 1995, and then opened Alien and Company on Cleveland Ave in Sioux Falls in 1997. Had the two shops until December 2004, then opened Alien & Co at 738 S. 1st Ave in Sioux Falls in March of 2005.

Alien’s Work

Tattooing By A Legend

Check out some of Aliens work!

Anthony Lund Customer

It's the best place in town! They're just as excited to do the tattoo as you are getting it.

Paul Dowty Customer

always a pleasure getting ink at alien & co. Steve is the best in town. Absolutely would not go anywhere else

Sarah Lueders Customer

Steve is so great. Yesterday I got my first tattoo. I was completely nervous, but he kept conversating with me and made me feel completely comfortable. such a great job on my tattoo, friendly environment.

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